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Atlas Software Systems for Chiropractors by David Melvin

Read Atlas Software Systems for Chiropractors by David Melvin to learn more about Spinal Specialists and our Christian Farthing Directory. The Spinal Specialists is committed to being your choice in Chiropractic information. David Melvin is a leading Chiropractic author and reviewer.

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Here at Christian Farthing we pay special attention to anything that can help chiropractors save time and have a more organized office, making the job easier for them and their team. Being disorganized costs time, which translates into lost money. Often the chiropractor isn’t aware of how much time certain office tasks take. A proper evaluation of a chiropractic health assistant’s work time is information you need to manage an efficient office. For example, how much time do staff spend looking for travel cards, handing them out and re-filing them? A surprising amount of time is spent revolving those paper travel cards. There are also those lost hours searching for that single elusive travel card that has been misfiled. There is a more effective way!

By adding an exclusive Atlas virtual travel card system to a health center, 35 to 40 hours of staff’s work could be saved. These precious hours could be better used by implementing a staff-directed patient education system. More patients will be generated with this teaching initiative.

Designating a weekly health subject to teach patients about common conditions that regular chiropractic care can treat is another useful strategy. With their Generation 2 and 3 systems this tactic can be efficiently implemented. Health messages can be pre-programmed for both the front desk sign-in screen and treatment room sign-in monitor (generation 3). They will see their name followed by a chiropractic health statement that readies them for more information, when patients scan in at the front desk. The patient then proceeds to the treatment room and views another pre-programmed message that coincides with the first one. When the chiropractor arrives at the adjustment room they can then further reinforce the information the patient has just received. With this system in place, chiropractors can be confident that their patients will be learning something new at each visit.

These messages can be based on a new patient visit sequence, or categorized by weekly or monthly health subjects. By programming a series of 40 chiropractic health affirmations into our software, Atlas has made your job easier. Select all of the health affirmations, or some of them, or add your own. Many established options are available to send these messages to your patients. They will even help you implement Atlas to fit your practice effortlessly with their on-site training and installation.

This simple system can streamline any patient education program and keep a practice on track. Setting a practice on autopilot with an education plan is a proven way to obtain consistent results. No other software program on the market today will help an office organize and implement it’s patient education initiative, while providing efficient and proven front desk management at the same time.

The average chiropractic health assistant spends more time with the patient than the doctor does. Imagine the following scenario: the waiting room is full and staff begin talking about the weekly health subject. The patients begin participating and start a dialogue with each other and the staff person. This group discussion leads to a patient testimonial about a chiropractic success. Next, a new patient who is present and listening to the discussion, books his/her spouse for an exam because he/she has a similar problem. As you can see, this type of office patient/staff interaction creates a multitude of benefits for all the patients.

Creating Atlas office moments not only builds referrals but also reinforces patient care and energizes office staff. With these benefits, and time for staff to educate patients, a practice cannot help but improve!

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Spinal Specialists | David Melvin | Atlas Software Systems for Chiropractors | Chiropractic | Chiropractor